Breas Cancer Summit

Intimacy After Breast Cancer

There’s one thing you don’t often hear about breast cancer. Intimacy. Nobody tells you what happens next. Until now. Suz was invited to join other relationship and intimacy experts to show you that intimacy after breast cancer is not just possible, it’s damn near necessary for your emotional healing. Suz shares her Magic Pill Method and the 3 steps back to physical intimacy. Check out her segment on this FREE online event.


Intimacy After Breast Cancer

2 thoughts on “Intimacy After Breast Cancer”

  1. Susan, i am glad to see you covering intimacy after breast cancer. I am ver thankful that I didn’t go through the chemo and radiation that some women do. I chose not to go that route, but had lumpectomy on bith breasts. I now have to take an estrogen blocker for at least 5 years. I have almost every one of the side effects. It wrecks my emotions, nade me gain weight, and gas stymied my ability to orgasm. At the same time my husband has ED. He takes viagra, and eats healthy, even takes Flow. But he is diabetic and has a very enlarged prostate. We looked at Gainswave, but the cost is prohibitive. Is there any help for us?

  2. Dear Ruth,
    Please download my Magic Pill Method and follow the process with your husband. There are many intimate pleasures still available to you besides penetration, including sex toys, manual and oral stimulation, role play, fantasy, dirty talk and more.

    The best toy for a couple who wants to have intercourse but cannot is the Pulse Duo. You both get stimulated even if he’s flaccid and you can’t sustain penetration.

    Get that to start and work on your other ideas in the Magic Pill Method.

    You have plenty of fun ahead of you.


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