"Yes, She's really that tall.
get a hug or a handshake seeing susan in person."

"Yes, She's really that tall. get a hug or a handshake seeing susan in person."

sexual biohacking austin

Biohackers World in Austin 4/6/24

Enjoy Susan’s Sexy Show and Tell where you’ll see her biohacking stack for more pleasure and connection. Deepen your orgasmic potential and heart-connection. Discover your personalized sex life bucket list.

Biohacking Beauty Show Los Angeles 3/7/24

Look 10 years younger by extending your “Sex Span” Using regenerative therapies on your genitals for ageless sexuality Expand your orgasmic potential through “Orgasmic Cross-Training The three best toys/tools to activate your vulva and vagina
orgasmic cross training

The Vibe Expo in Los Angeles 1/12/24

Did you know your body is capable of 20 different kinds of orgasms? That’s right! By switching on your biggest sex organ — your brain — you can activate that potential. Join intimacy expert Susan Bratton for a sexy show-and-tell that will amplify your connection and reveal tools and techniques to trigger incredible pleasure for female and male bodies.

The Biohacker’s Summit in Amsterdam 10/14/23

  • How sexual biohacking techniques are enhancements that go far beyond sexual regenerative protocols.
  • Breaking through the outer limits of our current human orgasmic capacity.
  • The 20 kinds of orgasms and the three types of orgasms we can all experience.
  • Conscious sexuality’s role in the pleasure dome.
  • The difference between the male and female arousal ascension model.
  • How increasing your “sex span” expands your “health span.”
  • The six tenets of hot sex in the 21st century.

"Yes, She's really that tall. get a hug or a handshake seeing susan in person."

Susan Biohacking Conference Speaker 1

Join me at the premier biohacking conference in the world this June 22-23 in Orlando.

I will take you on an exhilarating journey through the depths of human pleasure in my keynote, “Susan’s Sexy Show and Tell.”


Celebrating Feminine Entrepreneurship & Leadership Conference

I am thrilled to extend a personal invitation to you for the upcoming Celebrating Feminine Entrepreneurship & Leadership Conference, which promises to be an empowering event dedicated to honoring the remarkable achievements of women in the business world.

Morning Keynote: Your Personalized Sex Life Plan
Panel: Solid Relationships, Great Sex and YOU Panel
Health Entrepreneur Panel: In The New Economy, Everyone Is An Entrepreneur
Susan delivered a presentation and an interactive workshop called, “Your Personalized Sex Life Plan,” as well as a sexy show and tell called, “Sex Tech for Singles and Couples.” She shared passionate lovemaking techniques for orgasmic intercourse, showed how our anatomy works for pleasure and all the kinds of orgasms available to everyone.
See Susan on the main stage September 17-19 in Orlando, Florida at Upgrade XP 2021, the 7th Annual Biohacking Conference. She will be sharing her vast insights on Sexual Biohacking with her friend, Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof.
Susan Bratton 2022 Biohacker Babe Muscles
See Susan At Paleo F(X)™️ Austin, TX

Your Personalized Sex Life Plan
Friday, April 29th, 3:45 CST

Solid Relationships, Great Sex and YOU Panel
Friday, April 29th, 4:25pm CST
Susan Bratton,
Dr. Anna Cabeca, Gynecologist, Author, Creator
Tah Whitty, Master Intimacy Coach
Luke Storey, Lifestyle Design Expert
Dr. Amy Killen, Regenerative Medicine Physician

In The New Economy, Everyone Is An Entrepreneur Panel
Sunday, May 1st, 10am CST
Susan Bratton, CEO, Personal Life Media, Inc. and The 20 LLC.
Mark Sisson, The Godfather of Paleo/Primal
Jamie Wheal, Founder, Flow Genome Project
Deb Yager, Master Coach
JR Burgess, CEO, HealthOvators

Susan Bratton Biohacker Babe 2022