"Ageless Sexuality? 21st Century
Romance? Your Pleasure Potential?"

"Ageless Sexuality? 21st Century Romance? Your Pleasure Potential?"

When you need an entrepreneurial female CEO entertainer who blends health and relationship advice into an actionable and eye-opening experience… Susan Bratton is your perfect keynote or inspirational thought-leader.

Building on 20 years of experience empowering singles and couples across the gender spectrum, from ages 19-90, Susan illuminates the path to heart-connected sexual health and happiness in cultures worldwide.

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Jessie Schwartzburg

Event Producer, Speaker Booker

“Jessie Schwartzburg, an event producer with 20 years experience.  I recently booked Susan Bratton to speak at an event and let me tell you she was one of the best speakers I’ve ever worked with–hands down.  Leading up the event she was responsive and took the time to learn about this group so she could put together a custom presentation for them.  And then once we were onsite she nailed her talk—she has this unbelievable way of blending stats, facts, humor and show and tell in a classy and really fun and funny way.  After the events we sent out an evaluation form and Susan was ranked as the top speaker and in fact my client, the company owner, said Susan was the BEST speaker they have ever had at any of their events.  I highly, highly recommend Susan for any and all of your event needs.”

Michelle Norris

“As a conference owner, I need keynote speakers who will deliver unique and actionable insights my attendees can’t get anywhere else. You can rely on Susan Bratton to show up and dazzle your audience with tastefully entertaining hot takes on the state of human sexuality. My attendees raved about her keynote. She’s truly inspirational in a topic area that can be edgy. She has a way of making you feel whole and alive. If you can get her to speak, do it. She’s pure gold.”

— Michelle Norris

CEO of Paleo f(x)™

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Ageless Sexuality
21st Century Romance
Your Pleasure Potential
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speaking lorena

“Totally recommend this wild woman @SusanBratton who is full of knowledge. Her talk on “Primal Sex” was on point. 😉 As taboo as it is… Her talk was packed. 🤗 Everyone wants to know the ins and outs of amazing sex.

— Lorena @biohoackermother

speaking nathan

“The workshop portion of your Paleof/x presentation got the whole room buzzing.”

— Nathan

speaking image 2

“I loved the comedy-meets-wellness schtick when you did “My Vagina is Trending. Hilarious and helpful!”

— Dr. Robin


“It’s so easy to understand why you are in such demand on the speaking circuit and why your colleagues/audiences love and value you so much!”

— Dr. Mary Reimer

speaking image 4

“You definitely are an inspiration. I also thought the session you ran was absolutely fantastic both for content and for seeing how you masterfully captured the audience.”

— Betsy Flanagan

speaking image 5

“I wanted to say that you are a really amazing woman and so feminine and glowing and beautiful! I look up to you, and your speech was so inspiring!”

— Karen

speaking image 6

“I wanted to say I loved your speech; you are a fantastic beautiful inspiration! and so is what you do for people.”

— Kirsty

speaking image 7

“I love how comfortable you make the audience feel when you talk about sex.”

— Jim

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