How To Increase Sales Through Your Funnel in Times of Uncertainty with Bob Cialdini

Robert Cialdini on Persuasive Marketing in Times of Uncertainty and Amplifying and Activating Influence Strategies

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Dr. Robert Cialdini has codified the art and science of persuasion strategies at a cognitive level.
In understanding how our brains work, and what behavior can be created using a series of rules that motivate us to act, Bob has given marketers, sales people and leaders the structural frame to become more effective… more effective at selling product, ideas, causes.

Find out not only what the six principles of persuasion are, but how to amplify and activate them. Learn the most common mistakes marketers make when employing these principles. And get a glimpse into which of the principles should be given the highest focus in times of uncertainty.

Bob compares his procedures to NLP, noting the similarities. He explains how you can win over your rivals by inconveniencing them… and attributes the idea to Ben Franklin. He also teaches us exactly what to say to avoid bungling a critical “moment of power.” And share the one word that can increase your persuasiveness by 50%!

Tune in to meet the keynote speaker at Affiliate Summit West 2010 and the author of the marketing bible, “Influence: Science & Practice” and his best-seller “YES! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive.”

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