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Natural Health Rising With Rachel Smith

In this episode, Rachel and Susan discuss:

  • The importance of achieving fulfilling, passionate intimacy and sex, and maintaining this for a lifetime, and how this impacts relationships, health, and wellbeing.
  • How societal shame, cultural programming, trauma, and poor communication impact relationships and lovemaking.
  • How can couples improve communication in the bedroom and make sure their needs are being met?
  • How sex is not intercourse.
  • Orgasms are a learned skill that any woman can learn.
  • How to deal with trauma to have better lovemaking.
  • Orgasmic activation: eight tools to awaken all tissues to move from pain to pleasure.
  • How women’s bodies change as they age, and intimate regenerative therapies to reverse these changes.
  • What is sexual biohacking and how it can transform a person’s sexual experience?
  • Supplement recommendations to improve lovemaking.
  • How you lose nitric oxide production and how this affects your health and sex.
  • Non-toxic lube recommendation.
  • The use of stem cell therapy, cryotherapy, and red light therapy for regeneration and longevity.

Listen here:

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