Spark Your Divine Feminine Power Online Summit

May 13, 2020

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You are the change-maker! You are the One to manifest the New Earth.

Let Covid call you into action!

Waking you up to how your life before was out of alignment to the river of life force from the Source and potential for a powerful world shift to greater world connection, compassion, love, and pleasure.

One access point for this is the Divine Feminine, the womb at the center of the universe. The place of empty fullness and pregnant potential that manifest through the womb of all women.

When you access the Source of Creation itself, you can manifest anything. You will know the secrets of the universe and be tapped into the fountain of life.

From this place where essential power and pleasure for life stem from, You can birth the New Earth & change the fate of human history!

To be a part of this momentous movement I’d like to invite you to Spark Divine Feminine Power through Pleasure Global Conference, a free online event, where I will be speaking as part of a panel of 27 presenters, to reveal the powers and orgasmic life force pleasure the divine feminine can provide.

Through exploring & excavating these topics, we will together experience & integrate profound ways to re-connect ourselves to the spirit of nurturance, spaciousness, and love where we are em-Powered to be pleasured and take the actions we need to be in harmony with ourselves, with our fellow humans, with the Spirit world, and with our beautiful Earth.

Simply click here to register today, and join us for the powerful presentations starting on May 14th in Spark Divine Feminine Power through Pleasure.

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