The Human Upgrade Podcast With David Asprey

The Science of Sex: Longevity, Pleasure & Performance
with Susan Bratton

I had a mind-blowingly informative interview with the godfather of biohacking, Dave Asprey. We delved deep into ageless sexuality, libido, and supplementation. And, of course, sexual biohacking.

You know how we often focus on what we eat and how we exercise but sometimes neglect an equally important aspect of our overall well-being—our sexual health? Well, we covered everything you could think of in this interview.

We uncovered how maintaining a healthy sexual life is as vital as eating and breathing, especially when it comes to longevity and vitality. Trust me, whether you’re a man or a woman, this episode is packed with practical, actionable advice that could improve your life. You do not want to miss this. Check out the links below, you can either watch or just listen.

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