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Episode Title: Achieving Expanded Orgasms And Taking Your Sexual Pleasure to New Heights with Susan Bratton

Pleasure guru Susan Bratton is igniting a sexual revolution, unlocking the secrets to extended orgasms and expanding pleasure to help couples embrace their deepest desires and revolutionize their most intimate connection.

Susan has spent years delving into the complex domain of orgasms and engaging in self-experimentation to become a veritable “sexual biohacker.” That research helped her fully understand the distinct mechanisms at play in both genders and she uses those insights to help couples optimize their sexual experience to discover more about each other and themselves.

Many couples have tried numerous techniques to strengthen their sexual connection, but still find themselves longing for that heightened pleasure and feeling of “completeness.” If you and your partner(s) have been seeking ways to enhance your sexual experiences, but the advice you’ve received hasn’t quite hit the mark, then this is the episode for you.

“The sexual path is vital for feeling like we’re part of a greater thing, feeling like we’re loved and triggering our healing pathways.”

This is an age-restricted topic and is also available to watch on ®Youtube. Click here to watch.


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