3 Conscious Communication Techniques That Save Relationships

June 22, 2019

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Why is it so hard talking openly with the person you love?

And for singles, why is it so hard to talk to someone you fancy?

You would think with the person closest to you, or someone you want to be with, it would be so much easier to talk to them.

However, if you’ve been in a relationship long enough —you know it’s not always the case.

In fact, it may even be more difficult to speak to a loved one you genuinely care about.

This could lead to a barrier in the way you express yourselves, share opinions and suggestions, requesting for a change, or just plain talking.

And if this kind of dysfunctional communication persists, well, we all know the horror stories.

That’s why in today’s video, I’m going to show you my segment with “Good Morning Arizona” where I talk about 3 Conscious Communication Techniques.

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