ad:tech NY Keynote with John Furey of Mind Time

I’m using my interviewing talents with John Furey of MindTime to showcase the Mind Time Map concept as applied to marketing and advertising.

Putting Real People Back Into Marketing—A New Discovery in Human Behavior Promises to Change Marketing Thinking with John Furey, MindTime

Marketing has grown up in large part as a specialized field of psychology. In the same way that psychology understands people through identifying individual ‘personality’ traits, marketing understands people through behavioral data points known as psychographics. But, just as personality traits do not explain people’s behavior (only give it labels), nor do data points. 100 data points a person(a) do not make. Be prepared to change your thinking radically. Join Susan Bratton, CEO of Personal Life Media and ad:tech Chair Emeritus, as she interviews John Furey, Founder of the MindTime Project (1997), whose research on human thinking is changing the game both in psychology and very likely in marketing. MindTime reveals the roots of people’s individual differences, their thinking. Because this discovery provides a convenient, actionable and accessible framework for understanding people (and segmenting audiences and markets), it is a true paradigm shift and promises a new era for successfully reaching and building relationships with consumers.

Listen to my DishyMix interview with John Furey:

John Furey of MindTime: A Universal Framework for Understanding People

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