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Sexual confidence is a feeling of being comfortable in your body and knowing you deserve pleasure, and being able to articulate what you enjoy as well as listening to the needs of your sexual partner. But how can we build that confidence in the bedroom and overcome the performance anxiety when getting intimate with a partner? Here to answer all these and more is Intimacy Expert Susan Bratton. Susan is the CEO and co-founder of The20, LLC. and Personal Life Media, Inc. She is an expert on sex and intimacy with features on multiple major media outlets such as the New York Times and frequent appearances on ABC, CBS, the CW, Fox, and NBC. In this episode, Susan shares an empowering message to help women access levels of sexual pleasure and enhance their sexual self-confidence. With tips on intimate communication, lovemaking, and self-pleasuring, this episode has everything you need to know to own your sexuality and achieve incredible pleasure.

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