Keynote: Persuasion Strategies for Digital Marketers

Are you an aficionado OF or a slave TO conversion?

Numbers and letters… the war online is won or lost in the subtleties of A/B testing and conversion optimization (the metrics) and getting into the psyche of your prospect (the words).

Are you world-class at both disciplines?

Before you optimize conversions, you must begin with a solid foundation of structured and persuasive copy writing, as it is the penultimate driver of profitability for online marketing.

Getting into the psyche of your customer, learning to speak powerfully to their mind state, using words and pictures to grab them, pull them in, show them the benefits of your offer… the artful use of copy and imagery can mean the difference in struggling to pay rent on your fleabag flat or jetting to the vineyards in your private plane for the weekend.

Take a dip into the world of marketing psychology: persuasion, influence, enchantment, fascination, semiotics, triggers, emotion….

It’s a rich field and applicable to everyone marketing online whether you are writing emails, doing PPC, creating affiliate links, authoring blog posts, Tweeting, selling via webinars or creating product differentiation on your website. Persuasion is ubiquitous and getting good at it can give you the conversion boost you need to be insanely profitable.

Susan Bratton will share with you insider secrets from the famous guests on her DishyMix show from Sally Hogshead, Robert Cialdini, Guy Kawasaki, Eben Pagan, J. Duncan Perry, Bryan Eisenberg and Joseph Carrabis – all world-class persuasion experts.

And you’ll discover the 3 things you must know about persuasion to make big money, the 7 deadly persuasion mistakes you are probably making right now that are costing you and the 1 simple shortcut to writing effective copy that sells.

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