Root Awakening: A Health Podcast by Emily Ciosek

Episode 13: Fully Living Into Your Orgasmic Pleasure With Susan Bratton: How To Utilize Erectile Tissue, Female Ejaculation, Engorgement, Sexual Healing, and Microbiome Health

A Health Podcast is all about natural health, how that relates to spirituality, herbalism, mental health, and self healing. If you need solutions to fulfillment, work/life balance, healthier relationships, natural skincare, self love, and self care, this podcast is your new favorite resource. On Episode 13, Susan Bratton tells us about the intimacy and sensuality we are all really capable of. She tells us about how many different ways we can orgasm, how developing deeper sensuality relates directly to healing, how to create a spiritual connection of trust and acceptance with your partner, and how female ejaculation happens.

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