Support this “My Little Yoni”Crowdfunding Campaign

I’m excited to share an amazing project with you today. My friends at My Little Yoni have created a new 10-book series that’s inspiring, doctor-approved and provides comprehensive s*x education to families nationwide!

Their crowdfunding campaign just launched and I’m proud to be backing it! I’m inviting you to help get this book series published by donating today. Making a contribution will also let you be one of the first people to get these awesome books!

I’ve recently learned that s*x ed in the USA is broken. Only 17 states require a medically accurate curriculum, and a mere 7 states require topics like consent to be covered! With a lack of adequate s*x ed, how are kids supposed to make good decisions, stay safe and form healthy relationships?

My Little Yoni is creating solutions to a very real problem, assisting parents by providing quality educational resources directly inside the home.

This series is so needed and that’s why I hope you’ll contribute today. Please check out their kickstarter and give what you can!

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