Speak Loud With Tiffany Barnes and Susan Bratton

Episode Title: #14 Healing Your Sexuality with SUSAN BRATTON
Tiffany Barnes/Susan Bratton

Feeling comfortable in your sexuality after trauma can feel like an impossible feat. So many survivors struggle to confidently express their sexuality or even connect to it after experiencing trauma. In this amazing episode of the Speak LOUD podcast, I welcome Susan Bratton, highly esteemed and incredibly known intimacy wellness expert, to speak about finding healing in your sexuality.

Susan, a trauma survivor herself, shares her background of sexual, emotional, and physical abuse and the pain she experienced in her past. She explains how this trauma, and her own challenges healing her sexuality, lead her to begin helping others, especially sexual abuse survivors, feel confident in their sexuality.

After researching the subject of healing sexuality and lovemaking, Susan explains, she found three main factors that attribute to sexual confidence. Susan speaks into the impact trauma has on sexuality and digs deeper to understand exactly where trauma manifests itself in an individual’s sexuality. Susan shares the therapeutic techniques that she recommends that facilitate sexual healing after trauma.

Susan shares the importance of lovemaking and cultivating an accepting, loving, supportive environment to heal sexuality and find sexual confidence. We discuss how trauma survivors can reawaken their sexuality and release the anxiety and fear that manifested through their trauma to achieve sexual healing.

Susan’s vast knowledge, passionate care, and refreshing perspective on making love and healing sexuality are enlightening. Her ability to find resiliency after trauma and turn her pain into something that helps, heals, and strengthens others is inspiring.

-Tiffany Barnes


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