Susan On Sexploration With Monika

February 15, 2019

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Event: Sexploration With Monika
Title: Boob Massage, Sweet Spots & Radical Feminist Comedy

Susan talks about her favorite pillow position, how to give breast massages and her new book “The Soulmate Embrace”.

Undiscovered Sex Positions & Radical Feminist Comedy

You'll learn techniques for erotic breast massage and a cunning linguist's favorite “sweet spot” pillow position for the “pillow queen” in your life. Plus, explore the hilarious side of sex-positive feminism with playwright Anne Galjour of #GetGandhi: A Radical Feminist Comedy! We'll see what the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pantsuits is all about. Susan Bratton of Revive Her Drive and the new book "The Soulmate Embrace" will be teaching us some tricks that even after 10 years of being a certified sexual health educator, these 2 are new. Plus the breast massage technique sounds like it feels AMAZING! Also pretty good for you, moving all that circulation and sexy energy around is great for health, plus a lymphatic massage — have I mentioned pleasure is actually *good* for your body? We need to talk about how to integrate healthy pleasure into our fast-food culture.

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