The Hippie Mom’s Podcast With Becky Wells

Do you find yourself not wanting to have sex with your partner?

Let’s get real… after the honeymoon phase, kids, extra body image issues, and life stress most women loathe to get naked and busy with their partners.

First, I want you to know that this is SO common that sadly, it’s the norm!

Most of us feel shame and alone in this “not wanting sex” journey and I’m here to tell you that you are NOT alone and that you can burn that shame and learn why this is so common and how to change this pattern and actually WANT to have sex with your partner!

This is not a podcast to play in front of the kids!

Susan Bratton is brilliant and really speaks to the pain and shame so many of us feel.

She explains why this happens and how we can get unstuck in our sex life and truly create pleasure and connection that we ALL need.

ORGASMS are SO good for us!

This lack of sex, pleasure, and connecting with our partners lead us down a path that we don’t want to go down… divorce.

It can ruin families.

But what if there was another way?

What if there are things that you never knew since NO ONE ever taught you about sex and your beautiful body.

In this podcast, Susan shares with us why we aren’t in the mood for sex and how we can shift the way we do things in our relationship and the bedroom to make it more pleasurable and fun FOR US!

I highly recommend having your hubby listen to this one AND sign up for Susan’s newsletters.

They are full of tips and help for all of us who want better sex and intimacy!

YOU deserve pleasure and it’s time to reclaim that divine right!

-Becky Wells, The Hippie Mom Podcast

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