The Modern Sage With Leah Guy

We’re talking all things sex. Self-pleasure. Health benefits. Sacred sex. Full-body orgasms.

And more.

Sex isn’t just friction, or getting off to reach orgasm and beyond. The beyond is looking at vulnerability, overcoming shame, and becoming present to create a safe space to have expanded orgasm and conscious connection in our love-making. And, why do women have so many fewer orgasms than men?

The health benefits of sex and orgasms are numerous: health and life-span, reboot your nervous system, PCOS, menstrual cramping, creates a theta brain-wave state, the same as mindfulness meditation + a flooding of neurotransmitters and hormones such as oxytocin. Plus, it’s natural, appropriate, and our birthright.

Susan Bratton is an intimacy expert who helps people have more joy and pleasure in their sex. She shares her wisdom in overcoming sexual abuse in her lifetime and being able to heal. Leah also has had sexual assault, and objectification as a young person.

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