Third Age Mojo Features Susan Bratton

Hey, Third Agers,

​This week at Third Age Mojo we explore Third Age Sexuality.

​We’re all about sexual health and pleasure in our Third Age, and if those things sound to you like the subject of bygone days, keep reading.

​Because, this week in Third Age Mojo Profiles we meet Susan Bratton, Intimacy Expert to Millions.

​Susan generously shares with us keys to overcoming health obstacles, how to communicate confidently behind closed doors, and how to keep your bedroom game soulful, sexy, and exciting.

​Susan believes that intimacy is meant to strengthen as we age, and that it will, as long as we familiarize ourselves with the fundamentals of how to overcome health obstacles, how to communicate confidently behind closed doors, and how to keep our bedroom game soulfully sexy and exciting.

We consider our sexuality to be an important element in our continued Third Age growth and certainly NOT just a fading pleasant memory of bygone days.

So, to that end, this week we review Bratton’s book, “Sexual Soulmates” where she walks us through her six essential steps sure to turn your relationship into a romantic adventure filled with intimacy and passion.

​You’ll be amazed at how the communication strategies and skills Susan teaches will help you expand your heart and mind, helping in ALL areas of your relationship.

​And, this week in Product reviews we explore the Phoenix Pro by Rock Hard Science. 

​The Phoenix Pro uses acoustic wave therapy to deliver sound waves along the surface of the skin, breaking up plaque in the existing blood vessels while helping to form new ones.

​The Phoenix Pro is changing the lives of many Third Agers, both men and women.

​We’ve got the info and the products you need to build life-long intimacy and passion in your life.

​So, hustle on over to to learn how you can make it happen.

​Finally, I invite you to join our Third Age Mojo Facebook Group to experience Susan’s amazing “Sexual Biohacking” presentation that clearly describes the changes happening to our Third Age bodies and how understanding and working with these changes will deepen your powers of intimacy and passion in ways that will serve you for the rest of your life.

​I guarantee, you don’t want to miss this.

​Until next time,

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