Love The Leap With Dr Renee

Check it out this 2 -part episode where Dr. Renee is joined by Susan Bratton.

Ageless Intimacy with Susan Bratto‪n‬- One of the barriers to perfect relationships is time. As we grow more mature, our bodies change and our libido wavers. The electricity of “new love” also starts to fade if not taken care of. Susan shares how she keeps her relationship intimacy as ageless as possible. She also talks about bio-identical hormone therapy, physical intimacy, vaginal lubrication, blood flow, sexual vitality, and overall health.

Top Intimacy Tips from Intimacy Wellness Expert, Susan Bratto‪n‬ – Susan and Dr. Renee finish up their conversation from last time. Susan shares some intimacy lessons she wishes she had known 5 or 10 years ago. These include full-body touches, yoni massages, the many different kinds of orgasms, nitric oxide, blood flow, and a lot more. Check it out and enjoy!

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