How I didn’t Meet your Mother | Adrian Ussling

Episode Title: Crossing the Orgasm-Chasm ft: Susan Bratton

The orgasm. The pinnacle of sex we all pursue when reverting back to our animal instincts. Susan Bratton is an established author, tv presence and intimacy wellness expert. She joins the boys this week to talk all things ORGASM. First off, the trio dive into the differences between Tantric Sex and Kama Sutra (9:24). Susan then breaks down the penetration orgasm before giving Adrian a full, (and much needed), anatomy lesson (14:40). Communication in the bedroom arises as a pivotal issue once again, as Susan shares her story of how she saved her marriage. Want some tips and tricks? Find out her top 3 (46:36). Plus, her views on The Lifestyle and non-ethical monogamy, as well as polyamory explained (58:40). Finally, we end the episode with one question from the guest. What are the hosts’ current sexual fantasies (1:03:50)? Catch it all, and more, on this week’s episode!  —How I Didn’t Meet Your Mother

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