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How To Have Hot Sex for Life On Hotter Than Ever Podcast With Erin Keating

It’s no secret that many women don’t enjoy having sex. But the problem isn’t the women: it’s the sex we’re shown in the media and porn, which is dominated by patriarchal ideas and largely ignores women’s pleasure. Amidst this dearth of sexual satisfaction for women emerges Susan Bratton, an intimacy expert and advocate for lifelong intimacy and passion. Susan has helped countless clients and readers of all ages and across the gender spectrum transform sex into passion, proving that we can all embody being Hotter Than Ever.
Susan Hotter Than Ever

In this episode, Susan shares her valuable insights on transforming sexual experiences, maintaining sexual health and enjoyment as we age, embracing authenticity in intimate relationships, and more. We discuss:

  • The importance of enjoying pleasure and sexuality throughout life and normalizing the sexuality of older women
  • Tips and techniques for transforming sex into heart-connected conscious lovemaking
  • Addressing cultural myths that prioritize male pleasure, and encouraging men to understand and fulfill their partner’s needs for a mutually satisfying experience
  • Practical advice on reversing sexual atrophy and maintaining sexual health and vitality into older age
  • How estrogen impacts body image and the need for more diverse and realistic representations of pleasure in media
  • The benefits of unconventional relationship structures and polyamory to fulfill different needs
  • How women and men can support each other in fulfilling our sexual desires

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