Permission to Be Enchanting

Orgasmic Activation The Key to Unlocking Orgasmic Potential On Permission to Be Enchanting Podcast

Ready for a journey that promises to uncover layers of pleasure you never knew existed? Join Clare Sente and “Intimacy Expert to Millionsđź’‹” Susan Bratton as they talk about orgasms and explore techniques to cultivate a variety of orgasmic experiences. Discover the secrets of Orgasmic Activation and Cross-training, and learn how to enhance your orgasmic potential with a partner. Susan, a best-selling author and publisher of 44 books and programs on better sex, shares the latest sex research on arousal and the pleasure pathways created in the brain. Understand that incredible orgasms are a learned skill that every woman can master. Don’t miss this enlightening and empowering conversation on unlocking your full orgasmic potential.

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