Single Again After 50 With Kelli Nelson

Raise your hand if you feel you could use a little help navigating life after 50 on your own.

Feeling excited about your future comes down to three things:
Health: Understanding the changes we’re going through and how our lifestyle affects it
Security: Knowing how much money we will need to live the lifestyle we choose for the rest of our lives and having a plan
Confidence: Feeling empowered to take on anything life has to throw at us and not just survive it, but THRIVE through it

If you’re unsure about what the next chapters of your life will be like, I can guess why…
You’ve lived your entire life based on a vision of how you thought it would be. And now that bubble has popped.

When you got married, you thought you’d grow old together and live happily ever after.
You spent your life taking care of everyone else and putting yourself on the back burner.
You’ve always lived with someone else and never knew how to be alone with yourself.

Am I right?
Are you making healthy lifestyle choices?
Are you confident that you’ll be able to support your chosen lifestyle for the rest of your life?
Do you like spending time with you?
If not, then sign up for this free virtual summit pronto. Help is on the way.

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