The Women’s Vibrancy Code Podcast With Maraya Brown

In today’s episode of The Women’s Vibrancy Code, Maraya is joined by renowned intimacy wellness expert Susan Bratton to discuss female libido on a deep level. In our society, talking openly about feminine sexual desire – and sexual hesitancies – is often looked on as taboo. However, sex from a patriarchal standpoint is often celebrated. That leaves many women lost and feeling disconnected, especially when they are experiencing low bouts of libido. It’s possible to experience passion and healthy intimacy at any age for women, and a lot of the work of uncovering intimacy disconnections comes from a variety of places: past trauma, physical pain, a lack of understanding of a woman’s own anatomy, lack of supplements, etc. By speaking frankly and openly about sex both anatomically and intellectually, this episode helps get to the heart of reclaiming libido at any age.

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