Your Guide to Love Podcast by Haley Helveston

Haley Helveston is a Holistic Health Coach turned Sex/Relationship Coach. She embraces empowering people sexually, spiritually and one’s health.

Today she is joined by Susan Bratton. She is a Trusted Intimacy Expert to Millions and considered to be the Dear Abby of Sex.

Key Takeaways –
-Orgasms from intercourse are a learned skill
– Any women are capable of having any type of orgasm
-Learning to be a better lover is just the same as any area of personal development.
-There are 15 different types of orgasms
– As you age your sex life can get better – don’t believe the lie. Sex can get better as you get older
-Learning to accept your body is part of the path to having great sex
– Being in good health will add to great sex
-Be Growth Minded when it comes to your sex life
– Self-pleasure is necessary and one of the joys of life
– Magic Wand Vibrator
– Most women have sex before they are ready –
– The LadyBi toy
– The V Fit by JoyLux – use code susan (link-
– Women need more foreplay
– Get your partner to give you a pussy massage
-Jade Egg or Kegel Balls is another tool you can use –
– Remember orgasm is a learned skill
– Lots of women have very tight pelvic floors so they struggle to let go
– Ask your body – what do you need? Tune inward
– What do you need and can you ask you for your needs?
– Feeling safe always proceeds pleasure – You must feel safe ladies
– Soulmate Embrace Book she mentioned –
– Couples that play together stay together
– You can do it! You just have to practice.

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