My Ballsy Risk – Quadruple Win at Underground 007

I didn’t win the Underground™ Marketer of the Year award – that went to Joel Marion, whose presentation, rich with insider email conversion techniques, deserved the award for being the most applicable to the largest number of attendees. He was excellent.

Joel’s products:

Cheat Your Way Thin
Xtreme Fatloss Diet (first million dollar fitness launch)
Final Phase Fat Loss

I spoke about liquidity events, exit strategies and the value of stock options for retaining employees and an advisory board. And in the hundreds of times I’ve spoken at events, this presentation, “The Trillion Dollar Secret: Silicon Valley Juice,” may have been my most lauded speech, judging by the sheer number of attendees who said it was a “life-changer for their future success.”

I didn’t win.

I didn’t need to win the award – personal fame isn’t a priority for me.

I just wanted the $10,000 for Taylor’s charity, “Cheryl’s Children’s Home” in Nairobi, Kenya.

When Joel Marion was done speaking, I approached him and had the brass cohones to ask him, “since you didn’t specify a charity when you asked for your vote, would you consider giving the money to the orphanage I am here to support?”

He said he’d consider it and I sent him detailed information that night. I heard from him today that he is going to support his local church with the UG007 prize money and he’s also going to give us $1,000 of his own personal money to help create the 501C3 tax exempt status that Cheryl’s Home needs here in the US so all those of you who are offering up donations can write your philanthropy off on your taxes.

I’m so pleased! The quadruple win:

  1. The UG007 audience got great presentations.
  2. I was able to come home with a $1,000 pledge from a great guy – Joel Marion.
  3. Cheryl’s Children’s Home will finally have charitable status in the US.
  4. And Joel gets huge brownie points for being an amazing, outstanding man.

The Quadruple Win

  1. I want to thank Joel for his generosity. If you know him, please thank him too. (The irony is not lost on me that Joel’s fortune, which comes from helping overweight Americans lose weight, is funding an orphanage in Africa where the kids eat beans and greens every single day with little to no meat or milk.)
  2. Thank all of you who voted for me, as there were a LOT of you.
  3. Thanks to Yanik Silver and Derek Gehl for creating the award.
  4. Thanks to everyone who supported my efforts to raise awareness for this most deserving of charities.

The team at Cheryl’s, led by Samuel Sambuli  and Kieran Barnes, do amazing work raising and educating children and orphans and they have a solid business plan to buy land and build a high school that is in need of funding.

I’ll be setting up a Kickstarter page for Cheryl’s the moment the 501C3 is ready. I’m looking for a lawyer now to set it up.

If you’d like to donate, please comment below and I’ll follow up with you. ANY amount from $10 upward is helpful. So don’t leave without commenting. If you’re reading this, you are already invested!

11 thoughts on “My Ballsy Risk – Quadruple Win at Underground 007”

  1. Hey Susan,

    That’s awesome news Congrats!!!

    You absolutely deserve it, and now with the tax exempt status in place, it’ll be a lot easier to raise funds in the future.



  2. Was my pleasure meeting you – good luck to you and your family and keep giving back!


  3. Mr. Healthy Back

    Your presentation was great Susan… made me think about how I can build a better team and faster.

    My company would be happy to contribute $1000 as well.

    Great meeting you Susan…

    Joel, sorry I missed you at Yanik’s…. hope to connect with you again soon.

  4. Awesome Susan.

    Joel’s one of my closest friends, has taught me more
    about marketing than anyone I know and even with all
    of his success, is still one of the kindest dudes I know.

  5. As you guys say in America That s awesome !! but then I am not surprised because you were awesome too and your presentation really set the tone for the entire conference .

    Well done to all

    Susan to Susan !

  6. Ballsy indeed – everyone won here and you+Joel helped a great cause. Glad to hear this turned out well, Susan. 🙂

  7. Hi Susan,

    Too bad you didn’t win at UG7 – I thought you presentation was just outstanding…!

    To help support your cause (because I did vote for you), please connect so I could make a personal donation.


  8. Elizabeth C. Page

    Hey Susan,

    I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of congratulations for your outstanding presentation at Yanik’s UG-007 event in Washington. “Silicon Valley Juice” had more substance and style per square inch than you’ll find inside the beltway! It was a perfect kick off to the event and what an education for an entrepreneur.

    I also respect what you’re doing for the school children in Nairobi. I’ve spent most of my career in international development and some of my time on the ground in developing countries learning more and getting more than I could possibly give. I recognize that some of the best help is the most direct help. Bravo for your contribution to Cheryl’s Children’s Home for Orphans in Nairobi. I’d also like to make a donation.

    Wishing you, Tom, and Cheryl continued good fortune and success.
    … and yes, you’re a triple threat! A winner in life, love, and giving.

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