Please Help Me Win $10,000 For Cheryl’s Children’s Home in Kenya

UPDATE HERE: My Ballsy Risk!

I’m the opening speaker at Yanik Silver’s Underground 007 event in March. One of twenty speakers will win $10,000 for the charity of their choice by popular vote.

I want to win!

Last summer Taylor (14), Tim and I went to Nairobi and before we left, we held bake sales (a lot of work!) and Taylor canvassed friends and relatives to raise money for a children’s charity in Kenya.

Friends from all parts of my life – old high school friends, family, professional acquaintances – contributed to our cause.

When we got to Africa, we found so many of the “charities” were rife with corruption. More often than not, your donations are funneled off to the pockets of nefarious elders, away from the kids who need it desperately.

We spent weeks tracking down a charity that was non-secular and not only legitimate but impressively taking care of the most dire situations – orphans from the rampant slums of Nairobi.

Cheryl’s Children’s Home is run by Samuel Sambuli, a lovely man with a business plan. (This is Samuel below, with Taylor.) He’s trying to raise enough money to get beyond the $120,000 annual budget he has to find every single year to operate CCH to buy land outside Nairobi and build a high school. (business plan)

See the whole photo set of Cheryl’s Children’s Home pictures I took here.

You see, in Kenya only elementary school is funded (and not well) by the government. If you want to get a high school education, you pay.

Very high profile friends of ours have sponsored James for high school this year, which costs $750 for tuition, travel, books, uniform and food. James wants to be an airline steward. He’s charming, bright and that job will get him out into the world. James was raised by Cheryl’s Children Home staff. He has no parents. And how he helps raise the little ones.

Here’s what I will do with the $10,000. First, I’ll hire a lawyer to set up a 501C3, which is US tax-exempt status, so that when we get donations, they will be tax deductible for you. Then I’ll set up a donation site so that we can easily contribute without a lot of overhead of bank fees, which can get expensive. All the rest of the money will go to the kids for this year’s budget and to land acquisition for the high school.

Cheryl’s Children’s Home currently houses about 75 orphans in dormitories on site. They have a van that goes into the slums and picks up children for schooling 5 days a week to bring the total of children they educate and feed to about 200.

They have only elementary school now and if they can get the land and build their own high school, they can put the teens into homes in the area near the land, so the kids are fed, clothed and educated.

Samuel and his able team have a big vision. They are professional, have a business plan, manage their budgets carefully and deserve the reward for this incredible work by having our support.

These children eat beans and greens and rice every single day, meal after meal. There’s no milk. No meat. Few textbooks. Ravaged clothing. Yet they are happy and learning and loved. You cannot IMAGINE the squalor these kids have endured.

I am going to do my very, very best to give a great presentation at UG007 in the hopes that I can make a large difference to this deserving organization.

If you can support me, either financially, with your vote at the event or in spirit by commenting below, I’d truly appreciate it.

Everything counts. Every bit helps.

In Love.


Note: I used to be annoyed that everyone had “their own charity.” I thought to myself, why can’t you just supporting an existing entity, rather than creating some new charity to stoke your ego.

My policy has been to donate to all my friends’ charities. When someone asks, I give. Breast cancer, sure. Leukemia, yes. Alzheimer’s, definitely. Annual POI Event. Why not. You need money. Anytime, anyone – I give.

This is the first time in my life I see that there’s a deserving organization that simply needs some help and I am called to do it. Even better, it was the impetus of my daughter, Taylor, who got us involved. There’s no better reason for supporting a charity than your child’s desire to right the world. Will you comment below with your encouragement, please? Thank you.

22 thoughts on “Please Help Me Win $10,000 For Cheryl’s Children’s Home in Kenya”

  1. Susan,

    This is a terrific cause to be getting involved with. I know that your experience and and amazing integrity will really help to make a big difference.

  2. I know Susan, Tim and have met their lovely and talented daughter, Taylor. I know them (all) to be straight-up folks who have sincere hearts for giving to and serving others.

    I have become ‘a fan’ of Susan’s and Tim’s work and I am supremely confident that Susan’s Underground 7 presentation will be generous in valuable content, will absolutely “bring the house down” and that it alone will be more than worth the price of entry for the event.

    I am also familiar with the work Cheryl’s Children does and believe them to be a top caliber organization. Having spent a lot of time ‘on the ground’ in Tanzania and throughout Kenya working with and supporting hundreds of aids orphans , it is clear to me that opportunities to support organizations like Cheryl’s Children deliver in extraordinary ways. The more generous your gift, the more extraordinary the outcome.

    I have no doubt that both because of the motivation of the giver(s) and the quality of their character, Taylor will be sending the prize to Cheryl’s Children.


  3. Can’t wait for your upcoming speech at Underground 007… I was brought up in Kenya and love it so much… I hope you win.
    much chi


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  5. Suz and I went to H.S together and, even then, she shined inside and out. I am not surprised at all by her outpouring of support for this wonderful cause. Her neverending drive and sense of purpose is inspirational. I am certain her presentation will be a show stopper and confident she will win the prize. Should she not be the victor (heresy!), I am certain she will be happy for who does and continue in her unwavering support for this needed and worthwhile charity. All the best.

  6. Best of luck with this very worthy cause, Susan. I’m sure you’ll deliver a winning presentation at UG007!

  7. Outstanding work. I know you’re a lock to get that $10,000 for such a worthy cause. Go, Susan go!

  8. We went to visit our daughter who was volunteering in Tanzania 2 years ago and came back feeling the same way! We were able to set up a non profit and are helping send 7 kids to econdary School. We are working with an established non profit that also has programs in Kenya. Email me if you want to network and share.
    Asante Sana.

  9. Susan, Tim, and Taylor,

    It’s so inspiring how you give of yourselves to help others. It shows so much about the love in your family that Taylor has chosen to do this work…when you have more than enough, you give of yourself.

    I see you as a shoe in to win!


  10. susan, you’re going to captivate the audience and wow them with charisma…. its a great cause you’re supporting and I hope you win!

  11. Wow! I am blown away at this charity. I am moved by your relationship with your daughter too. I wish I could see you live to give this speech but I know you will knock it out of the park. Maybe I can do a comedy benefit for this charity as well. Let’s discuss next weekend in LA! Let’s all help Cheryl’s Children’s Home In Kenya.

  12. Susan,

    This is an amazing cause.

    Though I can’t be there for the speach, I would still like to participate. Please let me know when the donation site is up so I can contribute.

    I figure you’re a lock to win, but I’ll say it anyway…

    Good Luck!

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